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Zeref cosplay at Comic Con :iconsreshtiyer:sreshtiyer 1 0 Universe 16 Bra DBM using Final Kamehameha :iconsreshtiyer:sreshtiyer 3 2 Karin Kurosaki and Axl from Megaman :iconsreshtiyer:sreshtiyer 5 4
Soul Reaper Zero Ch 8
Hey guys, as you may have noted, the story lines are completely different than the original bleach storyline. But whatever ‘new’ stuff I may bring in, like Urahara’s bankai for example, I’ll try not to bring in any changes in the facts, like his Bankai being different from the one shown in the manga. If there is something I do bring in that’s not yet revealed, only then I’ll make up something original. But this doesn’t mean there won’t be any original stuff, there’s potential for a load of new stuff now that Zero and his gang have entered Bleach universe.
Disclaimer: Bleach belongs to Tite Kubo and Megaman to CAPCOM.
Chapter 8: - If only I had power…..
Urahara’s shout was barely heard over the sound of the oncoming blast, but nobody could see what happened a second earlier. Everyone expected to be decimated into nothingness and a huge explosion to occur, but as they slowly opened their eyes, they saw
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Soul Reaper Zero Ch 7
Hey guys! You may have doubts about why I chose to have Ciel with powers, but since this is a fanfiction, something new would be more interesting, so I chose to go ahead with it. Expect a lot more such events happening in the story. I also thank you for your reviews and please continue supporting and reviewing my story. Anyways, without further delay, enjoy!!
Chapter 7: If only I was strong enough…..
As the smoke cleared, everyone could get a closer look at the figure standing before them. A woman with long blonde hair let loose halfway down till her back, a blue cloak, similar to Ichigo’s bankai shihakushou in shape with white bands running along its length, a blue white helmet with white, feather like projections extending backwards like a visor, in her hand a slim sword, sheathed in a black sheath, a small, red jewel encrusted at the bottom with gold linings both in the sheath and her robes. Ciel stood before the party, with a confident smirk on her face, apparently havi
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Soul Reaper Zero Ch 6
Chapter 6: Arrival
“I’ve got some snacks everyone” said Ururu in her meek voice as usual. Jinta helped her bring the snacks, followed closely by Tessai. Everyone who had split off gathered around.
“Whoa, what’re those?” asked Leviathan. She was looking in the direction of the snacks that Ururu brought. “These? They’re called Manju” replied Orihime, taking a piece. In the tray were many round, yellow-brown soft looking things the new guys hadn’t seen before.
“Manju?” repeated X. “What’s that?”
“Wait, you seriously don’t know?” asked Ichigo, with a confused look on his face.
“Before that, why did she pop a rock into her mouth?” asked Fefnir. The rest of the group looked on deadpanned, as if not believing someone asked such a thing. Calling sweet buns as rocks was new, even to them. The only ones who didn’t share the same opinion were the reploid turned human group
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Soul Reaper Zero Ch 5
I felt the chapters so far have been lacking in action, so this chapter and the next will be more active than the previous ones. Regarding Axl’s presence, that some have been asking me, he WILL appear, although it won’t be like how Zero and X appeared, there will be a little more to his debut. This is because I didn’t initially consider X7 and X8 ‘canon’, but I decided to include him now. Anyways, thanks for your support and reviews, it means a lot and keeps me motivated to continue writing the story. Without further ado, enjoy the chapter!
Chapter 5: Trial of the Guardians
After Zero and X, all that was left was testing the 4 guardians. Harpuia went in first, but not before requesting Urahara another Zanpakuto. “I was originally dual wielding” he said simply. “I think its best if fought with a style I’m used to, I can show you my abilities better”. “Fine by me” replied Urahara, giving him another Zanpakuto.
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Soul Reaper Zero Ch 4
I’ll try to make chapters longer from this point onwards, since I felt the previous ones were kinda short. Anyways, here goes.
Chapter 4:- Ichigo vs Zero
Both fighters got into their stance, zero drew his sword and twirled it in his fingers, getting used to the swords weight and getting a feel for it. It felt kinda strange, since his Z-Sabre practically weighed nothing, so it allowed him to wield it with unimaginable speeds and deadly accuracy. Plus, its edge never wore, since it was made of light particles, and this metal sword looks like it could break by just parrying Ichigo’s huge sword once or twice. Still, swordplay wasn’t his only strength. “Here I come” declared Ichigo, before ‘unsheathing’ Zangetsu from its cloth wrap and pointing it towards him. Without warning, he dashed forwards, swinging diagonally at Zero. Zero read it from a mile away and sidestepped, then countering by swinging his sword horizontally, aiming at his torso. Ichigo
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Soul reaper Zero Ch 3
Note:-Thanks for the support and reviews, I’m still new to this, so I’ll try to make it as interesting as possible. Do review the story so I know where I can improve myself. As I mention last chapter, this chapter is part of the intro chapters, giving time for the characters to kinda ‘fit in’. There’s also a few surprises in this one. Enjoy!
Chapter 3:-A new threat?
After urahara left, everyone just stayed silent for a while. Orihime then broke the silence “Wow…so then you all have been protecting humanity for centuries together, it must have been really painful, to have to constantly fight for so long”. “You’re right……it was so painful and also so sad, especially when zero went to sleep, I had to face my battles all alone. But that wasn’t even the hardest part. It was when I discovered that I no longer cared about fighting enemies. But I still fought for what I believed in, to defend humanity, I had somethin
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Soul Reaper Zero Ch 2
Disclaimer: I do not own Bleach or Megaman. I make no profit from this.
Note:- I had some time to kill, so I’m posting this chapter earlier than I said I would. Again, these two chapters would serve as intro chapters to assimilate the characters into the bleach universe and also fit them into the story. Everything from their roles, powers etc will be explained in these two chapters and also as the story progresses. Updates will be weekly, if not sooner. The only reason I won’t update is if I have other important work to do. Without further ado, here’s chapter two. Enjoy!!
EDIT:-I re-uploaded this chapter to explain the entire story line of Megaman timeline in much, much more detail. This way, even if you are unaware of the story, you can still enjoy reading this knowing only Bleach story. Sorry if it’s only dialogues, but since the story is explained in this one, it is more or less dialogues. Only this chapter will be like this. If you have an idea about the sto
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Soul Reaper Zero Ch 1
Disclaimer: I do not own Bleach or Megaman Zero, and I make no profit from this.
Note: I’m a huge fan of the Megaman series, and I’ve wanted to try making this for a while now. The story takes place sometime after Dr Weil’s defeat. Zero, the four Guardians, X are all gone and have been resurrected in the bleach universe, during the arrancar arc, after Aizen’s defection. More about this is explained in the story below. Multiple Pairings inside, both with bleach and megaman characters. The story is altered to adapt the new characters and does not follow the original story. I’ll try to avoid grammar mistakes as much as possible, and please do leave a review so I can improve myself as it progresses. Enjoy!!
Chapter 1:- Reborn Anew
“Zero……Zero…..Wake up…”
Zero stirred slowly, as he tried to make out the voice calling out to him. As he tried opening his eyes, he could only vaguely make out two figures looking at him from his s
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Maya Gwt :iconsreshtiyer:sreshtiyer 2 2 Ciel in Shinigami Outfit Colored :iconsreshtiyer:sreshtiyer 18 9 Kirin from Game World Trilogy :iconsreshtiyer:sreshtiyer 3 0 Maya from Game World Trilogy :iconsreshtiyer:sreshtiyer 5 0 Negi Springfield from Mahou Sensei Negima! :iconsreshtiyer:sreshtiyer 4 0


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Zeref cosplay at Comic Con
This is me cosplaying as Zeref at an earlier comic con. I also had one another photo where I was sitting on an Iron Throne from the GoT series, but couldn't find that one. What do you think?
Hey guys, thank you so much for looking at my art and for all the favs/comments/critiques. It means a lot to me. Anyways, regarding my Soul Reaper Zero crossover story that I published here, I would like to mention that I am no longer posting the chapters here, and you can read the next chapters at my fanfiction page, the link for which will be posted below. The reason I'm doing this is because it's a pain to keep updating in so many sites and I would rather just update it in one page and it makes it easier for me to track everything. The story is up to date till chapter 14, and will be updated once every two weeks. Here's the link…
Universe 16 Bra DBM using Final Kamehameha
So this is my first ever dragonball z character, and from a fanmade series at that. We have Bra from universe 16 of DBM, using her father's signature move, Final Kamehameha. If you like it do leave a comment or if you have suggestions, do leave them here as well. Large size print available on request. 
Karin Kurosaki and Axl from Megaman
"Who are you?" asks Karin Kurosaki, looking at the man with the spiky orange hair. "Me? I'm Axl, a maverick hunter. This may sound weird, but I'm not actually from this world" he replies. "Duh, of course you're not, this is the afterlife not the living world" she replies in a matter-of-fact way. "Oh I didn't mean that, I meant I'm from another dimension, a completely different place from this one, a futuristic world" he explains. "Huh??Another dimension??" asks Karin, with a questioning look.   

This is the second piece for my fanfic, Soul Reaper Zero, where we have Karin and Axl meeting in the rukongai, after karin dies and meets axl. Reviews appreciated!
Hey guys, as you may have noted, the story lines are completely different than the original bleach storyline. But whatever ‘new’ stuff I may bring in, like Urahara’s bankai for example, I’ll try not to bring in any changes in the facts, like his Bankai being different from the one shown in the manga. If there is something I do bring in that’s not yet revealed, only then I’ll make up something original. But this doesn’t mean there won’t be any original stuff, there’s potential for a load of new stuff now that Zero and his gang have entered Bleach universe.

Disclaimer: Bleach belongs to Tite Kubo and Megaman to CAPCOM.

Chapter 8: - If only I had power…..


Urahara’s shout was barely heard over the sound of the oncoming blast, but nobody could see what happened a second earlier. Everyone expected to be decimated into nothingness and a huge explosion to occur, but as they slowly opened their eyes, they saw Urahara shielding them, and behind them, looming over them was a giant woman with dark, braided hair arranged in loops on her head and mannequin-like arms and wore a very revealing robe.

“Kannonbiraki Benihime Aratame” he called out the name of his Bankai.

“Kisuke……so you decided to even use that….!” Thought Yoruichi.

“M..Mr Hat and Clogs…what is that?!” asked a bewildered orange haired teen.

“This is my Bankai, Kannonbiraki Benihime Aratame, I really don’t like to use it with so many people around, so I hope you make it worth my time, Dr Weil”

“Heh…another eye sore…..” he smirked back. “Your Bankai is impressive to say the least, but nothing that I can’t handle.” He said, rushing towards Urahara.

“Are you sure?”

Suddenly, a cut appeared in Weil’s arm, that grew larger and larger, and seemed to be splitting his hand clean in half, symmetrically. What’s more, even his fingers started splitting in half, when clearly Urahara hadn’t even moved an inch. A shocked Weil leapt back in reflex. The moment he stepped back a good deal, his arm started to heal again.

“What was that? Is that the power of his Bankai? To split things in two? No, there has to be more to it, I mustn’t let my guard down….”

“I’m sure you must’ve figured something out…..and you were also right to step back, seeing how my Bankai has a ‘range’” said Urahara. “So let me show you for having pushed me this far!”

As he finished, slowly the wounds of the other reapers began to close up, as if someone was sewing them up with a thread and needle. Everyone felt their wounds heal, and even their broken weapons began to mend.

“I see, so this is the power of your bankai….the power to split things in two or stitch things together. An impressive bankai, one that is both powerful offensively and defensively….So that’s what you must’ve done to my cero earlier, you split it apart, and kept repeating the process until it split into a million pieces….well done!! Aizen was right when he told me to watch out for you….even if that wasn’t it, it WAS you that built something like the hogyoku after all….I admit, I underestimated you, Kisuke Urahara!!” answered Weil.

“He knows about the Hogyoku?! Was it Aizen’s doing? He DID say he teamed up with Aizen before, makes sense that he would’ve told him about the hogyoku as well…..” thought Ichigo, concerned. His thoughts were mirrored by everyone else.

“Tch…..that bankai is a real problem…….if only I could kill him….then this would be over in an instant…..but Aizen did say not to dispose of him.....then again, there’s some value in that, someone like Kisuke Urahara could be REALLY useful for my plans…..then, there’s no choice now…..?”

“Hmph……fine…..Esparda! We’re leaving….lets go…” ordered the old scientist.

“What?! You don’t get to order me around you old twat!! I only take them from….”

Before Yami could finish, he was hit squarely in the gut by Ulquiorra, causing him to double back in pain. “HEY,WATCHA DO THAT FOR?!!”

“You’re a fool Yami…..this is why I told you to master the pesquissa. If you did you could clearly have told the power difference between us and them…..Kisuke Urahara using his bankai was unaccounted for and his power exceeds even mine. And besides,….Lord Aizen has instructed us to follow any order Lord Weil may give out as well, and treat him the same way. So, if he asks us to retreat, we retreat.” He finished calmly, his tone never changing.

“Are you running away?” smirked Yoruichi.

“Hardly… would take me no time to dispose of you insignificant pests” Weil retorted, while going over to Sigma and Omega’s unconscious bodies and retrieving them. “But it seems that Aizen has other plans and so, consider yourselves lucky this time…..But the next time we meet….” He continued, while opening a garganta “I’ll personally erase your existence!” He said, with a wide evil grin. Ulquiorra and Yami followed close behind.

When the garganta closed behind them, there was an eerie silence in the field. The aftermath left the park looking more like a war torn city rather than what it was supposed to be. Urahara slowly released his Bankai, and dropped to his knees as well.


“Using my bankai takes a toll on me as well….more so than affecting those around me…” he gasped. A hand slid past behind him.

“Need a hand, kisuke?” asked Yoruichi, with a look of concern on her face. She knew how taxing his Bankai was to his body. “Did you really need to use your bankai, kisuke?”

“Yeah…….those two called Omega and Sigma were no problem…..but that man called Weil…no…..Dr Weil, his power was off the charts……it’s probably way more than even Aizen himself……I’ve….I’ve never sensed power like that before…..Likely, it even outclasses the head captain….” He said, slowly getting up. “Otherwise there’s no other way someone like Aizen would team up with a third party and even give them a position of authority equal to his….”  

“S..So you’re saying that Weil is even stronger than Head Captain Yamamoto?! That’s impossible! Even just using his shikhai, head captain’s power can easily dwarf any of the Esparda…..and your’re saying Weil can beat the Head Captain? Even if he used his Bankai?” stuttered Toshiro, whilst trying to get up.

“What you have to remember, Captain Hitsugaya, is that Dr Weil didn’t even use his full powers during this fight either…….Remember, back from where he came from, he had enough power to destroy an entire portion of the Earth, for example an entire settlement like area zero….now that he’s got hollow power…..he’s likely more powerful than even Head captain with his bankai released. He did say that even with my Bankai he could easily take me on…..and he doesn’t seem the type to make idle threats….” He answered back

“But then this means we would be finished if he chose to attack the Soul Society directly!” breathed Rukia.

Suddenly, there was a loud sound behind them, and they saw Harpuia punching the ground, his fist bleeding.

“DAMN!! Again I’m powerless to protect the things that matter to me!! First master X and now even here!!” screamed Harpuia, hanging his fists to the ground.

“Harpuia-san, please stop! I may have patched you up, but you still need to heal! You..” warned Urahara, but not before Harpuia sprung up and started running and then flash-stepped away.

“Harpuia-san, come back,….Yoruichi-san, please go after him and make sure he’s ok. Meet us back at the hideout. ” Urahara requested Yoruichi.

“Right, I’m on it!” came the swift reply, before she flash-stepped away.  

“His pride must’ve taken quite the blow……but it can’t be helped…..maybe, if he had his previous abilities, he wouldn’t have gotten hurt so bad….” Said Zero, helping Ichigo to his feet. Orihime began healing him. “But there’s some truth to what he said……I’ve never felt so powerless before……It’s the same as when I failed to save X from Elpizo before he destroyed him…….no…..even more so…..”

“Zero-kun….” Said Orihime softly.

X then picked himself up from the dirt, mumbling to himself “…………….I hated to fight,…….even more than the fact that I lacked the power to protect something……I always felt why was there a need for anyone to fight each other…….I cursed my strength and the destiny that it brought with it for me…….But now……..”

“My only thoughts were ‘If only I had power’…………”

“I’m sorry I could not be of much help……I know I said I wanted to protect everyone……I’m sorry I let you down, I…”


A head banged against Ciel’s head, causing her to look for the one who did it. Rangiku loomed over her face.

“Ow what was that for?! That hurt, Matsumoto-san!” said Ciel, in a surprisingly comical way.

“You’re pretty dull for a brilliant scientist you know, where did that confidence go with which you battled?” she retorted in a similar tone.

“Why do you blame yourself so much? …..if you hadn’t been here, we would’ve been obliterated by that creepy old guy’s cero blast… may have only awakened your powers, but your power is already on par with any seated officer’s…” she answered in a more serious tone.

“For once, I can’t believe Rangiku actually said something sensible” muttered Renji, deadpanned.

“Hey what was that supposed to mean?!” asked a flustered Rangiku, her girly voice back again.

“Anyway, the point is, you should cherish yourself more” he added.

“But still……to force me to use my Bankai……..a lot more is on stake at this war now….” Said Urahara.

Orihime just about finished healing the soul reapers from the soul society, Ichigo and Zero. She then proceeded to heal Fefnir, but turned away, talking about how these injuries were ‘none of her concern’. A load thwack from a nearby annoyed ocean-blue haired ex-reploid to his head and a glare from the same forced him to reconsider and allow himself to be healed.

“There’s a limit to being rude you battle-crazed maniac!!!” she ranted, annoyed.

“I’m sorry hime-san, please don’t mind him…..jerk only thinks about what he can pound next….I swear, one of these days….” She continued, in a sweeter tone. Zero, X and Ichigo sweat dropped. Orihime finished within a matter of seconds and went over to leviathan next. As she began, leviathan beamed. “ So pretty~~you’re like an angel hime-san!! You look so pretty too, I’m sure you must have many boys following you around right?”

Orihime’s cheeks immediately flared up. She then looked towards Ichigo and then back again in an instant, furiously blushing. Which, did not go unnoticed by Leviathan.

“Oh ho~~so that’s what’s happening~~~go for it hime-san!!” she beamed one again, leaning closer.  

“I know right? It seems we both might actually get along pretty well!” interrupted Rangiku.

“You’re pretty cute yourself you know….and don’t you think you should tell us about your story as well?” she added, pointing towards Zero at the end. This time, Leviathan’s face mirrored Orihimes’.

“I-It’s not like that!” she said slowly, looking away, blushing fiercely.

At the distance, X and Zero were silently watching the scene. “What’s up with Leviathan, how can she stay so calm after all that’s happened?” asked Zero.

“My guess is that she’s trying her best to cheer up the people around her…..everyone was hit pretty bad, especially Harpuia and Fefnir. She must know no good can come just brooding about it, but she’s doing her best not to show it” replied X. Zero turned towards Leviathan once more, and watched her as she was bathed in that golden light as she was healed. That light combined with her ocean blue hair, seemed to make her very existence sparkle. Her eyelashes, her clear, sea blue eyes, and her smile, it was only then he realized, what a truly beautiful person she was. Leviathan turned, to see Zero looking at her, and turned completely red. Zero too, realizing that he’d been staring at her turned away, blushing. X just smiled inwardly.

Orihime finished patching up everyone, Ichigo was surprised that she’d finished so fast.

“Maybe since Urahara-san already healed us to some extent Orihime could heal everyone really quickly” said Uryu.

“Still though, you’d think he would use his Bankai sooner. Not that I’m complaining, but still, he could’ve still used it when the 1st Cero was fired. We were pretty much screwed then” commented Renji.

“It’s not that I didn’t want to, but I couldn’t use it then. My bankai’s spiritual pressure would’ve probably knocked you out all out cold. By the time the second cero was fired, Dr. Weil had already raised his spiritual pressure even higher. So by using my Bankai’s spiritual pressure, I could counter some of his pressure on your bodies” explained Urahara.

“Still, it doesn’t seem we’re out of the woods yet. He did say he already made preparations for ‘humans with above-the-average’ spiritual energy. As far as I know, apart from us, we have Tatsuki Arisawa, Kurosaki-san’s younger sisters, Chizuru Honsho, Keigo-kun, Mizuiro-kun and Don Kaonji.” he called each name as he ticked them off with his fingers.

“I think someone should let the soul society of the recent happenings” mentioned Toshiro.

“The captain’s right. Now that a threat even greater than Aizen has appeared, we are nowhere near prepared for such an opponent. We need to leave for the soul society and notify every squad. Maybe….”finished Rukia.

“Maybe what?” inquired Renji.

“We may even need to call in the Zero Squad, if it gets out of hand” she said in a small voice.

There was a long silence following her words. The Zero Squad was undoubtedly the most powerful squad in the soul society, their power much greater than even the combined powers of the gotei 13.

“We can’t allow it to come to that” said Toshiro. “It is our duty to protect the soul society, that is what it means to be a member of the gotei 13. No matter the consequences”

“I’m sorry to interrupt, but if I may ask, what is the ‘Zero squad’ ?” inquired X. Ciel, Zero, Leviathan, Fefnir and Phantom also looked their way.

“To put it simply, they are the guardians of the soul king.” Answered Rukia.

Everyone then remembered what Rukia told about the soul king while she educated them about the hierarchy of the soul society. How the soul king was a necessary being for the existence of the soul society, heuco mundo and the world of the living. “The gotei 13 exist to protect the soul society and to guide souls in the world of the living and to purify hollows that threaten said existence of souls. But the Zero squad solely exists to protect and defend the Soul King who resides in the Royal Palace that is hidden in a separate dimension in the Soul Society.” She explained further.

“We don’t know what Aizen and Dr Weil are scheming together, but Aizen was already strong enough to take on many of our captains at once with ease, and someone much stronger than him appears and teams up with him, so we have no choice but to put ourselves on the line”

“Don’t worry, we defeated Dr Weil before, and we’ll do it again. Even if it costs our lives” said X.

“Anyways, shouldn’t we be discussing where these guys will be staying? I doubt they ALL can stay at Mr Hat-and-Clog’s place” said Ichigo.

“You do have a point. I can accommodate at most 2 more people. And I think its best if Dr Light chose to stay with me. With his help, we can analyze the enemy’s weaknesses since he’s more familiar with them than any of us. Although I’m pretty sure the soul society will station someone here as well. So that leaves Dr Ciel, X, Zero and the 4 guardians.  Kuchiki-san is already staying at Kurosaki-san’s place, so that’s out of the option…..”

“Why not just take them to the soul society with us?” asked Ikkaku.

“I second that. With their potential, it would be best if they trained in the soul society so they can improve themselves and learn the ways of a soul reaper. Who knows, they may even be given a chance to be members of the gotei 13.” Added Yumichika.

“Hmm….you do have a point….but they haven’t attended the soul reaper academy so how is the head captain going to allow them to be soul reapers?” asked Rukia.

“That might not be a problem, I already spoke to him the other day and he seemed to like the idea as well. In fact, he would like to see them as soon as possible. But before they can be part of gotei 13, they need to be tested to see where they currently stand” said Urahara.

Everyone was surprised when they heard this, but given his character, it didn’t seem out of the world after all. He WAS the previous head of the research and development department of the soul society and also its founder. He always had the means to achieve something. So this sort of thing didn’t surprise them for long.

“Ok so now that its settled, let’s leave for the soul society after meeting up with Harpuia-san in Urahara-san’s base” said Rukia.  

Urahara’s Base--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Pretty much everyone was completely healed except for Harpuia, whom Orihime healed after Leviathan’s ‘persuasion’. Urahara created a senkaimon for the soul reapers to leave for the soul society along with X, Zero, Ciel and the 4 guardians. Before they left, Dr Light said “Take care of yourselves everyone. I’m sorry about not being able to help much. Being with Urahara-san will help me know the ways of this world, and since I’m aware of how your powers worked, I can help you out and also the soul reapers in whatever way I can. Please come back safely.” Everyone bid their farewells and prepared to leave.

“Bye bye leviathan-san!! Please come again!!” shouted Orihime, openly being sad about the blue fairy’s departure.

“Don’t worry Hime-san!!I’ll definitely be stronger the next time we meet!!” she replied back.

“Later then!” said Ichigo, waving his hands. X and Zero replied in kind, before vanishing into the portal along with the others.

“Now then……..we have work to do” said Urahara, wringing open his fan.

Reformed Heuco Mundo, Los Noches------------------------------------------------------------

As the doors to Los Noches Throne room flew open, everyone could make out the figures of Ulquiorra, Yami and Dr Weil making their way towards them, with Dr Weil carrying Omega and Sigma over his shoulders. There were mixed reactions, some snickered, others remained neutral, while the rest looked on curious.

“Heh, don’t look so tough now, do they?” snickered Grimmjow.

“Be quiet Grimmjow, Lord Aizen has told us not to….” Remarked Hannibel, before being interrupted by Grimmjow.

“I’m not talking about the old geezer, woman, it’s those two he’s carrying! All bark and no bite, heh”

“We’re yet to determine the causes of their current condition, please refrain from making snide comments” she replied calmly.

“Why you little…”

“Normally you’re no better trash than they are, but I’ll agree with you once” snickered Nnoitra Gliga, the 5th Esparda. Grimmjow glared daggers at him.

“Enough of this. They are arriving. Let’s hear it from them directly”

When they entered, they saw Yami bruised here and there, but regenerating fast, Ulquiorra who didn’t get involved in the fight completely ok, Dr Weil carrying two unconscious arrancars over his back. The two were completely bruised with burn marks covering their bodies, although their bodies were also recovering.

“Interesting… seems Kisuke Urahara gave you more trouble than you asked for Dr Weil” he remarked slyly.

“Heh, if you hadn’t told me to leave them alive, this wouldn’t have taken a second” he barked back. “Still, you didn’t tell me he could his Bankai” he finished.

This surprised Aizen as well. “What’s this? His Bankai you say? You’ve piqued my interest. No one except the Head captain, Retsu Unohana and Yoruichi Shihouin are aware of his Bankai……this knowledge will prove to be much useful in the upcoming battles…pray show us what you saw Ulquiorra….”

“Yes sir” he replied simply, after removing one of his eyes, and crushing it, causing it to shatter like glass, and fill the minds of everyone with the events that transpired. After it ended, there was a long silence, as everyone was taking in everything that happened.

“Hmm…..very interesting” Aizen remarked, as he saw the part when Ciel entered the fray, and also when Orihime healed Chad. “Kisuke Urahara, that bankai of his is going to be quite the problem….”

“Hehehe I’ve already made preparations for something like this……I’m pretty sure Dr Ciel and the others will leave for the soul society, meaning, Karakura town is vulnerable now. I have just the person for this job. I can’t believe someone like this existed and who would’ve thought he was created by the same person who made X? I modified his soul so that all of his full potential can be drawn out as compared to when he was still functional. So why don’t you join your comrade-in-arms?” he called out to the darkness. From there, footsteps could be heard, slowly advancing, and a menacing spiritual energy that grew stronger and stronger as it approached further. When the figure finally entered the throne room, they all saw the figure of an arrancar with a striking similarity to X, albeit a much younger version of him. He had the same light brown hair, a half cracked blue helmet, with bright red eyes and two metal blades at his hands.

“Meet Megaman”

I know I said I would update sooner, but had lots of work unexpectedly and was also partially lazy to type after all my work, so hence the delay. It’s almost been a month now. Will try to bring in updates faster. Before anything else, I would like to clarify the ages of the megaman characters look wise. Obviously their actual ages are hundreds of years.

Zero-> 20-21

X-> 21, same as Harpuia and the other guardians.

Dr Ciel->23-24

Omega->Exactly the same as Zero

Sigma-> 30

Dr Weil-> 60’s

Also, the characters themselves look like humans now, with no helmet and human like features instead of their armor. Everyone is in soul reaper attire. Just thought I’ll mention it since it’s kinda hard to picture them any other way. And as a side note, YES, it’s the same megaman from the classic series who appeared in the last paragraph, and what he’s holding are metal blades from the megaman 2 series. Please do review and finally, thanks for reading!!
Soul Reaper Zero Ch 8
My first attempt at a fanfiction. Zero dies defeating Dr. Weil and is resurrected in the bleach universe along with X and the 4 guardians. Now that Weil, who is also resurrected as an arrancar, joins forces with Aizen, our heros must work together with newfound powers to stop him once again. Characters from Classic series till Zero series appear, and plot follows differently from canon bleach plot. Takes place after Rescue Rukia arc. Multiple Pairings. Rate and review please!!  


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Just a novice artist learning to draw in manga style. I really appreciate all feedback and critiques, so feel free to have a look around!!
Hey guys, thank you so much for looking at my art and for all the favs/comments/critiques. It means a lot to me. Anyways, regarding my Soul Reaper Zero crossover story that I published here, I would like to mention that I am no longer posting the chapters here, and you can read the next chapters at my fanfiction page, the link for which will be posted below. The reason I'm doing this is because it's a pain to keep updating in so many sites and I would rather just update it in one page and it makes it easier for me to track everything. The story is up to date till chapter 14, and will be updated once every two weeks. Here's the link…


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